Teaching people to work for God



Minist at clinic


A number of students ministering the Word at a medical clinic under supervision of their teacher. They are here preaching to women waiting to receive medical treatment. Then they will go into the wards and pray for the sick.

Stud teach in house


A student explaining the significance of the story of the Flood to a small group of ladies in a home in one of the villages. Some students, once they get saved, will walk 10 to 20 kilometers to bring to their relatives the good tidings of salvation.

 Teach at bonfire

Here a bonfire was lit at night to provide light for showing the flip chart pictures. In many homes no torch, paraffin lantern or any other form of lighting equipment is to be found. At this specific meeting, there was an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit coming down upon two of the women, causing them to be born again.

Class with picture

Students are, of course, also taught to teach a discipleship class. Some of them will, even by the end of their first year, be ready to be appointed as a part-time teacher. In this way Rivoni trains up its own staff.