Newsletter no 73, Sept 2017


• Letter from Francois
• God’s Awesome Provision
• Graduation at Mabalane:
• Julienta Manjanye Testifies
• Young Boris Testifies

The half way mark of this year lies behind us and we are rushing towards October/November and then hopefully, a well deserved rest and (for some) a December with some holiday plans. However, like the Word of our Lord with its ever Present Power, we cannot afford to be slack in the work.

In Mozambique our staff have already graduated 361 students since January this year. Considering that the average class can be anything from 5-20 people in these rural areas, this is quite a feat! The graduates tell a story of lives that are changed due to the training they have received from dedicated men and women who serve the Lord our God,  with all their strength, boasting in the Power that comes through the faith in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Of the 361 students that graduated so far this year, all (100%) had started at some point with a very comprehensive one year program in Old-Testament studies which includes topics such as Creation, Sin and the fall of man, God’s plan for salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, etc. At this point and at every opportunity, our staff will ask whether someone knows the Lord Jesus as his or her personal Saviour and where needed lead them to accept Christ Jesus. 54% Of these OT starter students went on to do the 2nd year in the Gospels and Acts course and 18% of these proceeded to their 3rd year NT Letters and Revelation studies.

“Graduation” meetings took place at Manjange, Mabalane, Chinhacanine, Ndindiza, Chokwe, Chicualacuala and Mapai in various sub districts and villages. Read some of these wonderful stories below; from a young boy caught up in drugs to a mature lady convicted by the Word of God of the hardness of her heart, bringing restoration to that household!
God Bless You!

(Story by Francois from a short account given by Ben Lubbe)
We had a few anxious moments in May when that Powerful Warrior in the Lord suffered an unexpected heart attack. Ben Lubbe (Uncle Ben to us) celebrated 77 years with us on this earth on 10 May 2017. A few days later on 28 May, he was cycling out of town on a desolate road. About 4 km out, he suddenly had severe chest pains. The ride was intended to be a long ride, exercising on one of his marathon bicycle trips and aunty Mart was not expecting him back soon. As he stopped, bent over double by the pain and unable to proceed, he prayed to the Lord. Within minutes a car came by, stopped, picked him up and took him home.

Lying in bed with unrelenting pain, his wife Martie decided to call the doctor who, by God’s grace was at home that morning! With blood pressure normal and heartbeat looking good, he decided to send the ECG to the hospital at Bloemfontein and the reply came back that Ben had to be in the hospital in Bloemfontein within 90 minutes!
An ambulance was despatched from Trompsburg, 58 km away, to Philipolis to pick him up. The bumpy ride made the pain even worse. At Trompsburg a helicopter was waiting for them and Ben was rushed to the Rosepark Hospital.
Still wearing his exercise clothing, he was not allowed to move. An angiogram showed some narrowed arteries with one completely blocked. By God’s grace, it was on the left side of the heart. Had it been on the right, the doctor assured him he would not have been alive. But, we all know he still has a few good battles for God’s Kingdom left in him. The doctor put a stent into the artery and another three the next day when Martie also travelled there by car.
That evening Ben’s heart went into fibrillation and excruciating pain engulfed him. The IC ward exploded into action. The sister came running in with the defibrillator placed the paddles on his chest and shocked his heart back into action again.

A massive prayer effort was in the meantime launched for this warrior to be spared by the Lord so that he would be able to continue with God’s work and may remain with his earthly family a little longer.
The next day this traumatic event had it’s brighter side when, while lying in bed and still very weak, oom Ben looked up to see his two sons, Frans, all the way from Kenya and Jaco, all the way from Pretoria, standing in the doorway.
Ben has now been recovering steadily at home. While he is still short of breath at times, he is walking about and has recently done a short 7 km bicycle ride.

Thank you, our God, for the Warriors you have given us to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and proclaim the Name of our Lord Jesus’s.

Boris Tshambe was the youngest students to graduate in the Old-Testament class in the Mabalane District on 2017-04-30. The young boy testified how the Rivoni Ministries training changed his life saying that he was bound by the devil but the Lord God delivered him completely.

The whole congregation was silent as he testified: “Like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego, I was bound both legs and hands, both physically and mentally by the devil, and I was thrown into the pit of drugs and alchohol. I became confused because of drugs and like a pig I ate more than enough of filth and I was a disgrace both at home and at school. Today I have been delivered completely and I am free indeed. Like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego who refused to bow down before the image, the Rivoni Ministries training taught me to refuse to bow down to drugs and alchohol. Thank you very much Rivoni Ministries for what you have done in my life” said a grateful young Boris Tshambe. (Wow! We do serve an Amazing God.)

Among other Old-Testament students that testified in the Mabalane District on 2017-04-30, Julienta Manganye proved that she benefited from Rivoni Ministries Discipleship Course.

She testified: “Of all the lessons that I have gone through, Abraham’s faith challenged me. Though I grew up in the church attending Sunday school, sang in the church every Sunday and spoke of God and even preached to many others, still my faith was dormant and impractical. I lived my life in fear and I could not trust God for my life tomorrow and in stead of trusting God, I put my trust in false prophets. I thought I was doing right and I took it as normal since I considered them to be men of God” said sister Julienta deep from her heart. “Today things have changed. I have put my trust and faith in the living God Almighty. I no longer consult the false prophets for my life. Abraham’s kind of faith that made him willing to offer his son to God as a sacrifice, marked my turning point” concluded sister Julienta with determination.

The staff and part time teachers (former students) are currently teaching the Word to over 80 different classes to more than a thousand students from laymen to pastors, government officials and subsistence farmers, free of charge, in the rural parts of Southern Mozambique and the testimonies that come back, confirm that their lives have been changed, forever, to the Glory of our Father, in the Name above All names, Jesus!

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May God provide in abundance in the needs of every one sowing into this work! Thank you for your prayers and thank you for giving! God knows! He sees and hears all of it. Mostly, I know, He looks at our hearts and He has seen yours!

God Bless You! We acknowledge all donations made to us by way of a personal letter to the donor but also wish to express our gratitude for anonymous donations received (“Vereffen”, “God’s Provision”). Please send me an e-mail or sms as I would like to send you a short personal note as well.