Newsletter no 72, March 2017



• God’s Awesome Provision
• Graduation at Matuba
• Trenzinha Testifies
• Yearend Function
• Massingir; First Graduation
•Drought and Rain

On Saturday 26 November our seven superintendent couples and our “admin/maintenance” assistant and his wife joined us for our year-end function. In Moz some sites are really “far” and even the close ones like Mabalane can be a 2 hour drive for the 70 km while a taxi trip to Mapai (200 km away) will take 8 hours. We had a very simple meal and shared on the highlights of the year and our plans for 2017.

Someone spoke on the drought that caused people to travel to remote places daily to find food and water resulting in them being away all day and unable to attend classes. What amazed me was that several of our staff would then go in the evenings to teach these individuals and conduct classes to accommodate all the students so that they would remain on track with the course schedule.
Photo: Sister Nomsa blessed each of the superintendent’s wives with a beautiful sari.

Going down to Mozambique, I was accompanied by two Mission supporters, brother Dave Bam and sister Nomsa Malatjie. Someone blessed us with a donation, covering all our fuel costs, toll fees and food there and on the road. We also received a special donation so that we could give all our staff and part time teachers a small bonus for December which they really appreciated.

Another generous donation given anonymous, surprised us totally and was to fill a much needed void.
Thank you for your prayers and thank you for giving! God knows! He sees and hears all of it. Mostly, I know, He looks at our hearts and He has seen yours!

Massingir is some 90 km from Chinhacanine. There under direction of Ben Lubbe, a new class was started in 2015. They had their 1st Old Testament (OT) graduation in November. By God’s Grace donations we receive will allow us to train two new part time teachers to conduct OT classes there as from this year while many will go on to the 2nd year course

We attended a graduation of two OT classes at Matuba on Friday morning. The two zones are 10 km apart and our teacher, Nomia, has to walk all this way through the bush, give the class and walk back 10 km home! (See the fruit of her work in the photo). Thank God for men and women willing to go on His length!

I was extremely blessed by the number of young boys and girls who attended the classes. They had written and passed their exams and they were amazing at assisting many of the elders who cannot read or write!

As we shared a word about knowing the Word of God, so that we may come to know the God of the Word, tears were flowing and several people raised their hands to give their lives to the Lord Jesus! Our Lord is truly Supreme! Awesome! Excellent!

Trezinha Matsimbe (photo right) was one of the 2nd year “graduates” or who testified during the Matuba graduation that took place on 2016-11-25. She told how she was miraculously healed during her study of one of the lessons of RM- taken from Mark 10 : 46-52 . She explained that she was completely healed both spiritual and emotionally.

“Like Bartimaeus, I was also blind, unable to see the Lord Jesus personally. I spent most of my life walking and living in the darkness. Like Bartimaeus, I used to hear people walking and talking with the Lord Jesus, but I was unable to talk to Him neither to walk or to see Him” she testified firmly. “Praise be unto the Lord, I have been taught on how I can see and I can talk with the Lord Jesus in His Word, in prayer, in my heart and in my spirit” said Trezinha Matsimbe confidently.”I have fellowship with Him now, now…” she concluded.

The drought was severe in Mozambique. In November the dam wall at the barrage was dry. This is the Limpopo River and the place where people stood on the dam wall in 2012 when everything around was covered by water for kilometers with houses washed away and people and animals drowning in all the water. On a previous trip in May we could still see a hippo going underwater at this place but in November there was just dry earth with a little shallow water back in the distance. (See accompanying photos).

As hurricane Dineo made her way across the sea from Madagascar, the severe rain was shown on SA television. Fortunately, jt lost its hurricane strength before reaching us at chinhacanine but the Limpopo started swelling from rain in Moz and from SA.

I asked Brother Baloi which is worse and he immediately said “Drought is worse. Seeing all the animals suffering is terrible!”

The staff and part time teachers (former students) are cur-ently teaching the Word at more than 90 different classes to more than a thousand students, ranging from laymen to pastors, government officials and subsistence farmers, free of charge, in the rural parts of Southern Mozambique and the testimonies that come back, confirm that their lives have been changed, forever, to the Glory of our Father, in the Name above All names, Jesus!

Rivoni Ministries depends on the donations of the people on whose hearts God has laid it to partner with us. Thank you from our hearts for each and every donation received.

An amount from as little as R150 per month will help us to pay our staff and part time teachers a small allowance which is normally their only income.

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for giving! God knows! He sees and hears all of it. Mostly, I know, He looks at our hearts and He has seen yours!

God Bless You! We acknowledge all donations made to us by way of a personal letter to the donor but also wish to express our gratitude for anonymous donations received, “Vereffen”, “God’s Provision”. Please send me an e-mail or sms as I would like to send you a short personal note as well.

In the love of Christ,