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  • Unless otherwise indicated, we quote from the “World English Bible” (WEB).
  • You are welcome to use any translation of your choice, more so if your mother tongue is of a different language


We do not make use of the Apocryphal books in our stdy guides.


The following is in bold print:

  • Headings.
  • Summaries of Scripture that will be dealt with in the following paragraph.
  • Quoted Scripture, when the bold print is Italics and is followed by brackets containing an abbreviation of the name of the Bible translation quoted for instance (WEB).


The study guides have been written in such a way as to be easily understood by beginners, but also being a help to those disciples that have already studied and made some progress. Mature disciples may find them somewhat elementary and prefer study material of a deeper teaching level.

Our study guides run book by book from Genesis to Revelation, just as they are bound into the Bible. This means that we study the Word more or less in the order that things happened, that history unfolded. We start with Genesis because it is the book of beginnings and tells us how everything started and we close with Revelation for it tells how everything is going to end. This a logical way of studying the Word. It is like building a house; foundation, walls, roof, plastering, window panes, doors, paint, floors, furniture. If you start by buying the furniture you will loose a lot of money and will have to start all over again.

The Bible is much easier to understand if you study it in the order in which the events took place. It is also like reading a story book. If you start by reading the second last chapter, then the third one, then the seventh one, you will soon be totally confused. Once you have worked right through the Word in the way we provide the study material, you will be ready to study different topics.


Please do read the Scripture indicated at the beginning of each new paragraph or section and meditate on it, before reading the comments contained in the study guides. If we should quote all the Scripture we deal with, the website will become very bulky and we are not allowed to do so, without special permission from the Bible Societies holding the copyright. What is more: the Bible is so much more important than our comments reflected in the study guides, so you must have your own Bible, read it, underline portions of it, make notes in it, think about what you read and only then read the study guides to further enlighten your insight.


You are free to download or print our study material for private use.

If you wish to make more than one copy to use in a small group, please contact us in writing at the given address. There will be no cost involved; we only want to keep track of where and how the material is used to assist us in improving the contents.


Answering the questions provided right at the back of the website: do this after having studied the relative page by writing down your answer without referring either to the Bible or to the study guide. Then, once you have finished, you can check to see whether you got it right or not. You will do well to rewrite the questionnaires some weeks later. Select a page at random and answer its questions without doing revision of the page first. This will give you a good idea whether you are making progress in your studies.

May you grow spiritually as a tree that is planted by a river.

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